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Home Owners Want Customized Spaces

The specifics of home buying have gone through tremendous change in the last few years. There are new trends in the real estate market, which have been generated by the type of homes people want to buy in the current climate. Home owners today want to stand out, and maintain homes, that are different from their neighbors. In essence the home buyer today wants to buy property which they can customize and put their own mark on.

A national survey, involving people, aged 18-35 has revealed results that people today want to buy homes, which they can convert into their own style and form. Gone are the days of traditional suburban homes, that defined luxury before. Nowadays, it is all about standing out, and reinventing your home, which is why 77 percent of the people in the survey wanted to buy homes, that they could renovate and customize according to their needs. They did not want stylish, villas and luxury condos, but preferred to buy homes, which they could improve upon and turn into their own unique residence.

These survey findings are crucial for people in the real estate market, who are looking to sell homes, since it will allow them to have a better chance of selling their property. The next generation of home buyers is prepared to slug it out and build their own dream house, by customizing the home they buy.

Here are some of the key essentials that home buyers prefer, when they are out looking for homes in the market today.

The Fix-it Home Owner:

Owning a home is considered a daunting task, particularly if it is the first home, you are buying. The results of the survey, suggest otherwise, with a resounding 77 percent people suggesting that they will still prefer to buy a home, which requires maintenance tasks. The results of the survey made for astounding reading, as it suggests that the next generations of home owners are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

Bigger is not considered better:

The people surveyed, suggested that they did not prefer luxurious big villas, but homes, which were essential in meeting their requirements, with 77 percent wanting a home, which was small but served its purpose, as opposed to big estates. More than half the people suggested that they preferred homes, in which each room served a purpose.

Technologically Advanced Home:

Nearly 80 percent of home buyers wanted a home, which was complete with the latest technological capabilities installed in them. Since technology plays such an important role in the lives of people today, it is considered a must in every household now, and 65 percent of people will not consider a home, if it does not have a security system, smart thermostat and an energy efficient washer and dryer.

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