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Watch for These Hidden Moving Expenses

moving expenses

Congratulations, you have finally bought a new home. Though most of the difficult part is now over, there is still one that remains. You guessed it right, moving. It may not be as hard as buying a house, but it is stressful and time consuming. Plus it can be expensive, and you should plan in advance.

A reputed moving company states that on an average, an intrastate move costs around $1,170 and an interstate move costs around $5,360. Both these values have been generated using a weight of 7,100 pounds. Another similar report shares a high cost and claims that a move within the US can cost as much as $12,500.

So what leads to these high costs? There are a lot of factors and homeowners land themselves in trouble when they do not consider all of them.  If people actually start doing this, moving might not be that difficult anymore and definitely not expensive.

How do you save money on moving? Yes, hiring a cheap mover is one of the strategies to do this but be careful. What people forget is that most of these cheap movers charge by the hour, and they might not state this initially. People believe they will have to pay lower costs, but when charges per hour are calculated, the costs rise excessively.

Another thing that can lead to higher costs is a delay.  If your moving is taking longer than what you initially thought, you may have to store your belongings somewhere, and this is usually with the moving company. What is the consequence? They charge you higher rates, depending on the weight and location of their storage facility.

For a unit that has a size of 10 ft by 20 ft, the average costs are around $95 to $155 on a monthly basis. If the unit features a climatic control module, the costs can go up to $180.

A representative of a reputed moving company told us that if your move drags longer because of a delay in closing or some other reason, you will probably have to pay a higher amount.

Is there anything else that will increase your bill? Utilities are something you will have to be concerned about. Where you are moving, you will have to sign up for services. As for the home which you are leaving, there may be a disconnection fees involved.

While planning your move, make sure you are considering every single aspect and then draft out a budget. Hopefully, this way the actual costs will not be much higher than what you plan.


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