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Handy Hints for New Home Owners

Tips for New Home Owners

Moving into a newly built home is such an exciting time for any home buyer. You’ve put your stamp on it with all of the design choices and you’ve followed the building progress from day one.

It also brings an entire litany of little tasks to remember after the move. That’s why we’ve created this handy hints list for new home owners of things to do and keep track of after you move into your new Long Lake Ltd. home:

  • Read the operating manuals left inside the kitchen drawers and send in the warranty cards to the manufacturers. You will receive updates and important notifications and save valuable time and effort should you need to call for service.
  • It is a good idea to place all warranty information, maintenance schedules and contractor numbers on the interior of a kitchen cabinet door above the phone. That way, you will always know where this important information is.
  • Did you set up an account with the gas company? Cold showers are no fun!  You have 3 major components that use gas; the water heater, stove, and heater.   No hot water?  First, check the pilot light on the water heater.  The lighting instructions are on the tank.  Easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Apply RainX (automotive section of most stores) to the inside of your shower enclosure before the first use. This windshield product will reduce water spots and make clean up easier, especially when water is removed from the shower glass after each use (a squeegee works great).
  • Do not use cleaners that contain ammonia (Windex, etc.) on the mirrors above your cultured marble tops in the bathrooms. Ammonia based cleaners will damage the clear sealant and dull the finish on your sinks.  Use a vinegar based (Windex makes one) glass cleaner on the mirror and any bathroom cleaner that does not contain ammonia for the best results.  Avoid abrasive cleaners whenever possible.
  • Read the stickers on the inside of your garage door. You will find valuable information about maintaining the rollers, rails and cables and prevent damage to the door. A little lubricant will save you big bucks!
  • If you have a garage door opener, practice opening and closing the garage door manually so you know how to use it in case of a power outage.
  • Did you know vacuuming prolongs the life of your carpet? Keep extra vacuum bags on hand when you move.  New carpet causes your bags to fill up quickly!
  • Buy A/C filters by the case! A clean air filter prolongs the life of your HVAC system and keeps your unit running more efficiently.  A system in good condition uses less electricity!
  • Have your A/C system checked at least once a year to keep the manufacturer warranty valid. Always keep the receipt as proof of service.
  • Keep a supply of 9-volt batteries on hand. The smoke detectors utilize a battery backup for power outages.  As the batteries run down they will begin to chirp and eventually set off the alarm.  As fate will have it, batteries seem to run out at 3:00am!!!
  • Planning on landscaping? Call to have your phone and cable lines marked (1-800-call-tess) to prevent cutting thru them while digging.  These utilities are usually buried just below the surface and are the most frequently cut during a weekend project.
  • New grass requires lots of water to grow and become properly “rooted”. Water frequently!   During this process you may notice a change in color.  As the sod becomes “established” your lawn will gradually green up again.  Seek the advice of a garden center before fertilizing new sod.
  • Did you know getting to know your neighbors is the best way to prevent petty crime in your neighborhood? Some of our neighborhoods establish a phone tree for each block.  If a home or car gets broken into, the phone tree can alert the entire neighborhood!  Talk about crime prevention!  Get involved in your community!
  • Outlet not working? Most electrical outlets are GFCI protected. If you have outlets in your home that suddenly do not work, push the reset button or check the panel box before requesting service.  It usually solves the problem.
  • Dishwasher not working? Check the power switch on the backsplash before calling for service.
  • Toilet not working? All plumbing systems are designed to use gravity and water to propel waste towards the public sewer system. Water saver toilets are designed to remove waste with minimal water usage.  Typically, a slow draining toilet is due to a deficient amount of water in the lines, a simple flush will usually solve the problem.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Long Lake Ltd. home!

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