Ask Yourself These 4 Tips Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is a momentous occasion for anybody. For some, it’s the culmination of years of saving money. For others, it’s the first step into the responsibilities of adulthood. No matter where you are in life, purchasing a house comes with plenty of stakes.

So everyone wants to know if they’re picking the right house before they buy it. It’s the most frequently-asked question we hear from customers. But before you put that down payment on a property, ask yourself these questions about it:

1) What do I like and not like about this home?

The first step is recognizing that “move-in ready” does not mean flawless. 

“You gotta realize the perfect home does not exist,” says a sales manager at Long Lake Ltd. “When shopping for property, it’s important to understand the trade-offs involved. Sure, you may want a game room as large as your formal dining room, but at the price you’re looking for, that might not be possible.”

To prevent disappointment over not finding that perfect property, Flores recommends considering your lifestyle, and in turn think about the home can be used to improve your quality of life.

2) Can I afford this?

Asking if a home is too expensive is a basic question, but an important one.

“A customer’s wealth and affordability are really where any deal should start,” says a marketing rep at Long Lake Ltd. “We often have young couples or families come to us, and sometimes they don’t have the money to purchase our biggest properties. So sometimes we have to help them understand what they can afford, and how we can help them get that property.”

While everybody wants a place to call home, considering your income level can keep you from taking out a loan on a home you can’t afford.

3) When Should I Buy a Home?

You’ve probably heard the words “I’m just waiting for a dip in the real estate market” from friends or family at some point. While everyone loves the idea of buying low on a quality home, the current reality of the market dictates that the best time to buy is now.

“Shoppers should buy as soon as they can, or as soon as they can afford it,” says the marketing rep. “Homeownership is a path to financial gain and long-term wealth. Over the years, the cost to achieve that only increases.”

Data backs up the urgency. The latest Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) market update reported that in the Houston area, “single-family homes sales surged 48.2 percent compared to last May, with 9,702 units sold versus 6,546 a year earlier.”

With high demand and even higher increases in home value, acting quickly is the best way to ensure you don’t get priced out.

3) Who Can Help Me Purchase a Home?

You don’t deserve to figure all of this out by yourself. Luckily, Long Lake Ltd. is here to find a property that’s just right for you.

“Our experienced sales counselors will individualize the home-buying experience and guide [customers] through the process as we’re supported by trusted lending partners who have the customer’s financial interest as their priority.” says the marketing rep.

Long Lake’s home builds are designed to be spacious, affordable, and of the highest quality. Anyone of any age can be confident that they’ll find the home that suits them perfectly.

If you want to work with a company that has all the answers to your home-buying questions, contact Long Lake Ltd. here.

Ask our onsite sales associates for details on our Preferred Lenders and on seller contributions to closing costs. Some restrictions apply. 


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