Launching Your New Pad: 7 Savvy Tips for Newlyweds Planning a Move

If you’re planning a wedding or you’ve just tied the knot, congratulations! Getting ready to start the next chapter of your life with the one you love can be an exciting time,

new construction home

The Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

You’ve been going back and forth and have finally made the decision that now is the right time to buy your first home!

lawn care

New Homeowner Lawn Care Tips

When you purchase a new home, you always receive great advice from friends and family about decluttering, packing and hiring movers.

first-time homeowner

Making the Leap from Renter to First-Time Homeowner

What could be more exciting than making the leap from renter to first-time homeowner? You turn the key in a lock that no landlord has access to,

water pipes

First-Time Homeowner Tips: How to Prevent Freezing Water Pipes

Even if you think your pipes have already started to freeze.

In the craziness of your first year living in a Long Lake Ltd.

new home owners

Handy Hints for New Home Owners

Tips for New Home Owners

Moving into a newly built home is such an exciting time for any home buyer.

kitchen design

Kitchen Design with the Foodie in Mind

When it comes to creating delicious meals in your own kitchen, you could do it with limited space, dark lighting and minimal tools.

Tips to Take the Hassle Out of the Holidays

cleaningNobody likes to spend hours cleaning house during the holidays – and sometimes there are few hours to spare.

Top Decorating Trends for Turkey Day

thanksgiving-decorWithout a doubt the iconic American bird, the turkey, majorly influences all things Thanksgiving, right down to our tabletop décor.

Winter Window Treatments for Your New Home

winter-windowDid you know certain window coverings can provide energy savings of up to 10 percent a month? Advancements in window treatments have led to increased energy efficiency in many models manufactured today.

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