Why Long Lake?

Specific ways Long Lake Ltd. provides great value:

  1. As one of the largest new homebuilders in the Greater Houston area, we are able to secure volume discounts on quality building materials.
  2. We are able to maintain a strict building schedule to minimize costly delays.
  3. Our homes are built in excellent deed-restricted communities.
  4. All Long Lake Ltd. homes exceed established energy-efficiency standards.
  5. We use job-built frames and trusses that offer extra strength to the home and more on-site control for the builders.
  6. As the low-price leader in the Greater Houston area, we make it more affordable for you to upgrade features of your home. 
  7. Homebuilding experience since 1971 + Financial Stability = Houston’s largest locally owned home builder.

Long Lake Ltd. is ready to make your dream home a reality and put you “One Step Closer To Home!”

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