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Impressive Kitchen Interiors for 2013

modern kitchen trends
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Modern interior design trends like, natural wood, new materials, exciting textures and unusual design elements are influencing 2013 contemporary kitchen design.  These modern techniques are being incorporated into elegant, multifunctional and very impressive kitchen interiors.

Fabrics that mimic animal skins, LED lighting in glass surfaces, dining and working area lighting sets, computers, tectile switches and sensors are being introduced into the contemporary kitchen to make it more comfortable and attractive.

Here are 8 contemporary kitchen design trends from for 2013.

1. Contemporary kitchen cabinets with folding doors, that can hide storage shelves or kitchen appliances, are space saving, elegant and functional modern kitchen design trends 2013 that add bold colors, stylish chic and contemporary flavor to modern kitchen interiors.

2. Kitchen hoods, that are not only functional and efficient, but very decorative, are one of new modern kitchen trends for 2013. A kitchen hood, combined with a crystal chandelier, combined with glossy kitchen cabinets and light interior decorating colors make modern kitchen designs feel bright and luxurious.

3. Contemporary kitchen cabinets with recessed handles and drawers that easy open by a slight touch create simple, clean, easy to use, safe and elegant kitchen design for modern homes and apartments.

4. Contemporary kitchen cabinets made of innovative wood materials and aluminum frames features durable, but thin and light panels and doors. Contemporary wooden materials, tempered glass with incorporated LED lights, marble and natural stone are modern kitchen design trends 2013 for countertops and kitchen islands.

5. Contemporary kitchen cabinets in minimalist style with extending working and dining surfaces are one of modern kitchen design trends 2013 for those who appreciate the simplicity and functionality, manmade materials and glossy surfaces, spacious kitchen interior decor and light colors, like off-whites and gray.

6. Contemporary kitchen cabinets that made of luxurious fabrics, that mimic animal skin, and exotic woods are modern kitchen design trends for those who like unusual and impressive design ideas, elegant dark colors and dynamic contrasts.

7. Dark wooden colors create strong contrasts with white kitchen decor. Decorative wall panels and open shelves make contemporary kitchen design look more interesting and informal. Unusual large kitchen peninsula designs that feature a cooking top and a dining surface are supported by weightless frames that create spacious contemporary kitchen interiors.

8. Sliding kitchen island surfaces, extending working and dining surfaces, and hanging on the wall upper cabinets with tectile switches and automatic opening and closing mechanisms make modern kitchen interiors more comfortable and functional.

Mini computers and touch sensors, built into cabinet’s doors and reacting to a light touch, are kitchen design trends that in 2013 will add a futuristic feel to modern homes.

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