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Finding a Vacuum That Really Cleans Dirt

Have you wondered why your vacuum doesn’t seem to pick up everything you see?  There’s a reason vacuums don’t work as good as manufacturers claim they do.  When you’re on the vacuum isle, you see that all vacuums are made from the same materials.  The only differences they have are shapes and sizes. Then you notice that all vacuums have the same amp power.  Generally, manufacturers advertise the 12 amp power vacuum and they all sell the same amp power.  But, are vacuum amps really the correct measurement for cleaning dirt?


Amps are the electrical rating assigned by the manufacturer to each vacuum.  You may also see vacuum descriptions that use watts.  The conversion is 1 amp for every 110 watts.  The truth is that amp power is only measuring the amount of electricity your vacuum will use.  Consumers believe the higher the amp power, the better the quality of the vacuum.  However, amps have absolutely no relevance when it comes to picking up dirt.  Electricity usage has nothing to do with dirt cleaning ability

Why is amp power used as the measurement for vacuums?

Manufacturers of vacuum cleaners used to advertise horse power to rate cleaning capacity even though this measurement was not relevant to a vacuum’s dirt cleaning power.  The only thing horse power was good for was burning out a vacuum’s motor.  So manufacturers had to change their rating system and they changed it to amp ratings.

What is the correct measurement for dirt cleaning power?

The movement of air is what actually picks up dirt.  This is measured as cubic-feet-per-minute (C.F.M.).  Most manufacturers don’t use this rating system.  So it’s up to you to do the research on a vacuums’ true dirt cleaning power.

Why don’t manufacturers advertise C.F.M?

Manufacturers don’t want to spend the money designing a vacuum that uses these measurements.  They’ve been selling the same designs for years and consumes keep buying them.  They have the, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality.  Since most manufacturers advertise amp ratings, consumers believe this is the correct measurement for cleaning power.

There are numerous vacuums on the market with a high C.F.M. rating.  To find a vacuum that really cleans dirt, look for ratings that use the C.F.M. measurement.  There are a few websites you can research to find this rating.  One website you can use to look up ratings for C.F.M. is


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