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Why You Should Buy a New Home

new house vs old houseThere are many reasons you should buy a newly constructed home instead of an older home.   For example, you’ll have no guarantee of being made aware of all the problems an older home has, especially if it’s a foreclosure.  In addition, a lender won’t always know if there is a specific problem or if the previous owner intentionally sabotaged something in the home.   In fact, even a home inspection won’t pick up every possible problem a home may have.

The great thing about building your home is that you can pick the amenities.   You’re able to pick the type of floors and the color on the walls and the type of tile you want in your kitchen and bathrooms.   You can also purchase upgrades at a discounted price.  If you design your own home, you can tailor the home to your taste from the beginning. 

Another great thing about new homes is that they are energy-efficient.  Homebuilders today are required to comply with laws, such as the 2009 International Residential Code and the State of Texas, adopted 2009 International Residential Code.  These laws require new homes in Texas to comply with the energy-efficiency laws, which in turn make homes more affordable.  Also, new appliances are more energy-efficient today as well.

Also, new homes don’t have as much repair requirements as older homes do.  In addition, older homes can have potential problems that are unforeseen and lead to even more repair expenses.  A good example of this is when the foundation of a home cracks, because the structure usually cracks as well.  With a new home you don’t have to worry about expensive foundation repair issues.

Furthermore, you’ll get a one year warranty with a new home.  With this warranty the builder will repair or replace anything that goes wrong with the home for one year.  In an older home, if anything goes wrong you will be paying for those repairs out of pocket.

To add even more, when you buy a new home you ensure better fire safety for your family.  In Texas, builders have to follow smoke detector guidelines and they’re governed by the fire safety code of the political subdivision where the home is located.   Sellers are also required to provide smoke detectors in each home.  Make sure your home is hard-wired for smoke detectors, if the subdivision where you’re buying your home doesn’t require hard-wired smoke detectors.  Hard-wired smoke detectors work off the electricity of the home with a battery back-up in the event the power goes out.


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