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Current Color Trends & Interior Designs

decorating with floralsAccording to the design industry, from 2008 to 2012, homeowners stopped purchasing furniture and remodeling their homes.  Since people were worried about the uncertainty of the economy, most of them stopped spending on home decor.  Also during this time, their savings and retirement accounts took substantial hits.

Last year saw homeowners start to spend on home renovations and furnishings again, according to Julie Rogowski vice president of the Boston Design Center.  She said, “the emphasis is changing from ‘Where can I save the most money’ to ‘What’s the perfect piece that totally reflects me.”  It’s a nice shift.  It could be the economy, or it could be that people are ready for change.”  This shift has homeowners investing in their home’s interior design and remodeling their homes.

The interior design styles and color trends have also shifted.  According to the BDC’s annual trend report, interior design trends are colorful, there are patterns on fabric, and the type of styles have shifted.  The choices that people made prove that their tastes are changing.  The patterns include animal prints, floral prints, and striped prints.

Animal designs do not include zebra or leopard print.  Instead, they have animals prancing across upholstery, and the animals of choice are elephants and dogs.  Floral designs have become more modern and offer Scandinavian- like influences which include posies blossoming.  The stripes that were on the runway during Spring/Summer 2013 fashion week are also being used in interior design.  Rogowski said that designers love stripes because they bring rooms to life with high voltage color blends.

The color shift includes new neutrals and pops of color.  The favorite color of 2013 is blue.  The new black is navy blue, and blue is also used as a neutral color.  The blues have a more aquatic tone with hints of green.  When you compare the yellow to the neon colors of last year, they are so much mellower.  These paler colored yellows are also being used as neutral shades against darker colors.  Red has made it back, though it’s used in moderation.

The styles that homeowners have shifted to are “femme fatale” and “metropolitan.”  The femme fatale style is emulated by using feminine but not girly designs.  This style is a throwback to the soft, curvy lines with pops of pink and purple used in the 1940s Hollywood style.  Metropolitan is a “boutique hotel” style with modern touches.  To accomplish the metropolitan style, clean lines that have an industrial feel are used in the furnishings.


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