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The Real Estate Market is Creating a Link with Technology

The Real Estate Market in Houston is trying to become technological. A link has formed between the real estate industry and technology. So will this new connection produce notable and impressive results or will it become one of the most unpopular news events in the industry? Only the future can tell, but the details as of now follow this.

Distil Networks has aimed at implementing protective measures for almost a dozen MLS against bad bots. Distil Networks is an organization whose main task is to ensure that online data is not scrapped or stolen, and it incorporates protection strategies for this in several industries. Now the company has targeted the real estate market and is very keen on doing the same thing in this field.

Distill Network formed an affiliation with a real estate consulting firm by the name of Clareity Consulting, Arlington, which has helped them in developing their amazing new technology. Distil Network believes that they have developed something that would hopefully be an intelligence network covering the entire real estate market. This network will identify and stop real estate listing data from being stolen or copied without permission.

The CEO of the company stated that the real estate market puts out its most valuable asset right out front and requests others not to steal it. The asset is actually the MLS or Multiple Listing Services. Unfortunately, until now the protection of the MLS has been flimsy, but is now heading towards a change.

Data from MLS is pulled through bots called scrappers, who appear very similar to a human. As such, when a website is accessed by these bots, it becomes difficult to tell if it is a real individual or a hacker.

Distil Networks has developed a technology that forms a barrier between the end user and the real estate website. This barrier can identify these scrappers and prevent them from gaining entry. All other traffic is allowed to pass through.

As of now, 12 MLS’s have been provided with Distil services on all of their public websites. The technology is also being deployed for another 23 MLS’s, but has yet to be completed. In the long term, Distil hopes to create linkages with all other existing websites in the country and deploy their services. Hence a greater degree of protection will be offered.

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