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The Most Important Moving Day Details

Moving can often cause stress and frustration if not managed properly. Even if you plan everything correctly, and act according to it, things can still get messy on the big day. A recent survey indicates the damage. The survey had a sample size of 1000 people all of which have moved in the last three months.

The survey was aimed at analyzing the most common problems which people face when they move. The responses were analyzed, and a report was released to highlight the following points, which are extremely important while moving.

Make sure to have everything packed beforehand

Finish off with your packing a day before you make the actual move. Do not leave a single small item. There are already many other things that you would have to do on the final day, so you sure would not want to get caught up in boxes and tape at the last minute.

Have your priority box ready

When you pack your items, make sure to form a priority box or boxes as well. Put all those things in these boxes that you would immediately need in your house. This includes your important medications, cell phone charger, toiletries and pajamas.

Along with the priority box, also pack a small bag in which you can store a few other essentials such as cleaning supplies, utensils, a few eatables and some clothes. Your unpacking will take a few days so it is a good idea to separate things that you would need after your move.

Inspect your old home

Thoroughly inspect your old home, and make sure nothing important is left outside. Check the cupboards, and go through the kitchen cabinets, and drawers. Also make sure that the gas is off, and all appliances are disconnected.

Mark fragile items

Mark all the boxes in which you put your glassware, china sets and other breakable items. Write ‘fragile’ all over theses boxes in bold red letters, so that the movers handle them with care. Also make sure that you have stuffed and padded the items wells. At times, even a slight jerk can break your precious china into pieces.

Keep all the items in their respective rooms

When the movers unload the truck at your new home, request them to keep all the furniture and boxes in their proper room. This will make your unpacking easier.

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