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Stay Clear of the ‘For Sale by Owner’ Approach if You Are Selling Your Home

Planning to sell your home by putting up a sign that says ‘For Sale by Owner’? Indeed, you can save a lot of money in commissions this way, but we advise you against it. After all, all the money that you save will not be much help when you have to face a lot of issues, and end up losing even more than that. Agree or not? Hear out what we have to say, and you will be on our side.

A home is probably the largest financial investment that most of you would ever make in your life. Selling it is not a simple process, and there are a lot of aspects involved. You do not just put a up a sign out in the yard; there is a lot more to deal with. You cannot handle this by yourself, but real estate agents are used to tackling these issues, which is why we recommend you to avail their services.


Houston always has many homes for sale and there are a lot of buyers in town. As soon as a ‘For Sale’ sign goes up, homeowners are getting multiple offers even if the sign has been put up just recently. How do they achieve this? By using a real estate agent who advertises their homes on MLS and other third party affiliations. On your own, you can never get yourself as much exposure as a real estate agent can.


A real estate agent has access to caplet market data such as the average prices, the value of a neighborhood and so on. They can use all of these to set a practical price for your home. If you decide to work on your own, you may under price your house, and lose a lot of money. Or you could overprice it, and not get any buyers at all. However, a real estate agent will price it just right.


Do you think that once you have found a buyer the most difficult part is over? Not so. The toughest part of the deal is actually after this. As you set out to close it, a lot of issues are encountered, and a real estate agent can deal with these. Price is just at the surface; right behind it are negotiations and repair that go a lot deeper. And an agent has the experience to handle all of these effectively.


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