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Now is Still a Good Time to Buy a Home

The year 2013 is coming to an end. How about becoming a homeowner before the next year dawns upon you? The time is right now, and you never know what the real estate market is going to be like next year. So why not do it now than later?  The rates are still low, the qualifications requirements are not that strict; the prices are good.  Indeed, there are so many things in your favor!  Keep reading and we are sure you will be convinced that now is still a perfect time for a real estate investment.

Mortgage rates are fairly low

Mortgage rates may have increased from what they were at the start of 2013, but they are still good. As of now, the average rates on a 30 year loan with fixed interest rate are about 4.5%. Compared to last year’s rate in the last quarter, this is about 1% higher. But that really is not much, and if you are interested in buying a home, it should still appeal to you. Remember a few years back? The rates were even higher than this. So before they increase even more, locate a worthy mortgage deal.

Buying is cheaper than renting

The only alternative to buying is renting. In the long run, becoming a home owner is still about 35% cheaper. The gap is quite wide, and you should use it to your advantage.

Home prices are economical

Home demands may be high but the prices are still very good, and we believe you can afford them. Talk it out with your real estate agent, and you will agree with us.

Was getting a mortgage ever this easy?

No, which is another main reason we are urging you to buy a home. Lenders have decided to somewhat relax their requirements, and it is easier for people to qualify now. You can get a really good mortgage offer right now, and enjoy a low rate as well. Perfect combo, is it not?

Home flippers are not that competitive right now

This is another reason we are suggesting you become a homeowner. In today’s times, it is not easy for flippers to move as smoothly and rapidly like it was in the past. So what advantage do you get? More options in the inventory and less overhead pressure when it is time to close the deal. What are you waiting for? Search and you will find the house of your dreams.


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