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Planning Your Long Distance Move

Have you ever thought about becoming a homeowner and tried to search for a home? This is not an easy process, and when you have to do it in an altogether different area or region, it becomes even more difficult. We will share with you the story of a military wife who has moved many times in the past few years. Both she and her spouse searched for homes remotely. Since they hardly knew anyone in the area and they wanted to move into the area, they looked up online listings and then visited their neighborhood of interest for two days. During their trip, they inspected the houses they had looked up online, and finally decided on the most suitable option for their budget.

Just like this couple, if you are planning to relocate to another state, here is what you should keep in mind while searching for a house.

Complete most of the work online

The internet is loaded with MLS listings and contains detailed information about houses that are available for sale and vacant properties that can be rented. Browse through relevant websites, and you will get an idea about the local market. Make sure you have decided the size of the house and your budget beforehand to make the search easier.

You can also post on your social network that you are interested in relocating to so and so area. Just maybe someone in your network might refer you to a person who lives in that area. According to a real estate industry expert, you should also make use of Google Earth so that you can view the amenities in the neighborhood.

Arrange a quick trip

Whichever homes you like online, you should know that though pictures tell a very good story, they do not reveal everything. A house that looks great on the inside might be situated in a low value neighborhood, and a house located in an affluent area might need excessive maintenance repairs on the inside. The problem is that the seller will not tell you about this, and so a visit is mandatory.

Prefer a rental property initially

Even if your aim is to become a homeowner, you should first sign up for a rental house. This will provide you with extra time, and your home search will become easier when you are relocated in that same area. The industry experts claim that you should rent for around six months before you actually buy.


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