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Preserving Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are in these days, and bring a luxurious appearance to your home. Yes, hardwood floors do appear sleek and shiny, but only when you maintain them well.  So many other flooring surfaces can be cleaned with just some water and vinegar, but these two do not work on hardwood floors.

So how do you maintain the appearance of your hardwood floor? We talked to some professionals who are involved with floor installation and took their advice. Here is what they suggested.

Place a welcome mat

Do you have a welcome mat by your doors? If not, buy one today. When you scrape your shoes off on a welcome mat, chances are, all the rocks and dirt are left on the mat, and not much of it appears on your hardwood floor. If you avoid the mat, you are just bringing the outside dirt right onto your precious hardwood floor which can cause deep scratches.

Add a runner in high traffic areas

Is there any part of your house where there is high traffic, or you often walk or stand there? As an example, this would be the case with your entryway, and even  near your sinks or counters. Place a runner in all these areas.

Put your furniture on pads

If there is no rug on your hardwood floor, you should not skip using furniture pads. When there is nothing between the couch and the floor surface, the couch will always move when you sit on it. As time passes, that spot where the couch lies will get damaged due to constant sliding.

A home designing expert advised us that furniture movement can be prevented by placing it on furniture pads. These are actually rubber discs that are about two inches thick and prevent furniture from sliding.

Avoid using too much water for cleaning

A hardwood floor cannot bear too much water because it seeps through the floor, and causes a negative movement. So while cleaning your hardwood floor, make sure you are using the least possible quantities of water.

Watch out for pets and plants

If there is any place where water is constantly poured, make sure you have a plastic tray or a rug there to absorb water.  This will be where your pet’s bowl is located or where you water the plants. Similarly, if you come home after a swim and are dripping wet, stay away from your hardwood floor. Dry yourself properly and only then step onto it.


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