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DIY Solutions to Make a Great First Impression When Selling Your Home

Most sellers are really interested in making a great first impression and there is nothing wrong with that, it can mean the difference between a great or unprofitable sale after all. The following are some tips that can help you create a killer first impression on potential home buyers:

Pay attention to the exterior

The first thing that a potential buyer will notice is the exterior of the house and the walk up to it. If you don’t live in a good neighborhood the look of your property may make up for it.  You do not need to hire a landscaper for this. The perfect DIY solution is pretty easy to execute – repaint the trim – clean the windows until they glisten and replace the house numbers with new ones. If you have kids make sure you have removed all toys, scooters etc away from the lawn or the driveway.

Don’t Forget the Interior

Likewise you will also need to keep the interior in top shape. If you succeed in impressing your potential buyers with the exterior then they will have high expectations from the interior too. Start with the basics, clean out and declutter everything. If you have a lot of furniture, put some of it in storage so that the house does not seem small and overly stuffed.

One more thing that you might want to take care of is to remove family photographs. The idea here is to have the potential buyers look at your house and envision themselves living in it. Also it never hurts to add a touch of aesthetic appeal. For instance you could position a gorgeous centerpiece in the middle of the dining table, place potpourri somewhere and even hang fresh clean towels in the bathroom; all of these little touches make a huge difference.

Your house should look amazing regardless of the time of day. You need to cater to potential buyers who visit you during the evening as well. Look at the ambience of your house at night. Light up the walkway; make sure that your house is well lit so that it does not seem dull and gloomy when potential buyers enter.

Taking the time to work towards making a good impression sometimes is all it takes to get a great offer on your property the first time around.

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