Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Traditional marketing has transitioned into Social Marketing.  Brands and marketers are using various social platforms to reach out to consumers.  And, marketers want to know what works best in social media marketing.   In a recent report from the Social Media Examiner, the most important question asked by 90 percent of marketers was – which tactics work best?

This question was asked by experienced marketers who make these decisions every day as part of their job.  So, social marketing is even more confusing for real estate professionals, because of the large number of social platforms available.  From a real estate sales perspective, less social media marketing is more.  Let’s look at to the biggest social platforms currently being used by marketers, Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is the preferred social platform of top marketers.  Ninety-two percent use it for business to consumer marketing (B2C).  Sixty-seven percent said Facebook is their number one choice.  Facebook has over 1.1 billion monthly active users, so it’s obvious why marketers prefer this platform.

Second choices for marketers were blogging and Twitter, 11 percent preferred blogging and 10 percent preferred twitter, stating they were crucial to B2C marketing.  Based on this information, Facebook appears to be the best platform to concentrate your social media marketing efforts.

The second question that marketers asked was – what’s the best way to engage your audience with social media?

Maintain relationships

It’s important to keep in contact with people that have the ability to do business with you and that will refer business to you.  You may have already met this goal, if you friended this group on Facebook.

Expand your network of friends

Everyone’s familiar with the common referral statement, “If you know of anyone interested in buying or selling real estate, please refer them to me.”  Facebook provides the ability for you to say this in a variety of ways.  By commenting and interacting with your friends, their friends will see your comments and that leads to the potential of creating a new connection.  Look for others with common interests and send them a friend request, or join interest groups.  Think about the parents of your children’s friends, your friend’s family members, and people you do business with.  Make these people part of your network so that more people know you’re in real estate.  People want comfort and convenience, so they’re more likely to call someone they know or feel comfortable with, rather than just picking someone at random.

Tell people you’re in the real estate business

This can sometimes be tricky to do.  If you’re always talking about business, people who are currently not interested in real estate will be turned off.  On the other hand, if you don’t talk about it enough, people won’t know what you do for living.  So when you talk about real estate, make it interesting.  For example, post something interesting about a listing on your profile, instead of only posting the listings.


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